The Canterbury Tales An interactive e-text. Click on a hyperlinked word to see a translation or explanation in the glossary in the lower right frame. Woodcuts, some analysis, and links to biography and historical background are also available.
The Chaucer Pedagogy Page

"Online assistance for teachers and students of Chaucer and the late Middle Ages"
-Chaucer the Writer
-Chaucer Timeline & Map
-Chaucer’s Contemporaries
-Outline of the 14th Century History

People of the Middle Ages Brief description and definition of the social life during the time of Chaucer (What are vassals? What are serfs?)
The History of Cosume - Index Costumes and fashion from the Middle Ages (10th century France through 14th century German)
Middle Ages and Renaissance Eyewitness to History – significant eyewitness events from the Middle Ages including the murder of Thomas â Becket and the Black Death
The Medieval Era Covers a wide variety of aspects of the time period, including arts, cooking and dining, fashion and a listing of movies set during the time period. Periods include: Political, Spiritual, and Scientific Worlds, famous personalities, and daily life.
Medieval Macabre - Supernatural and fantastic imagery from the Middle Ages Devils, demons, monsters, witches, and death. Four galleries with 120 pictures, along with the Hans Holbein's Alphabet of Death.
Geoffrey Chaucer - Canterbury Tales Includes a wide variety of links. At the bottom of the opening page are links for listening to medieval music (need Windows media player in order to hear)
Medieval Job Finder Answer 8 questions based on your personality, and the profile will tell you what kind of job you would have been best suited for during the Middle Ages.
Photo Gallery The Online Guide to Canterbury - Click on the button at the bottof the page "Back to Index" in order to view the entire Canterbury site.
A Pilgrimage to Canterbury to the Shrine of St. Thomas Take a virtual pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral to refresh your memory of St. Thomas a Becket and his murder. Click on "Start Tour" and visit stops 1 - 9 on the tour.
The Medieval Tourney History of jousting from the National Jousting Association
Castle Learning Center Medieval Jobs: list of jobs typical in the Middle Ages with a description of the job itself
Canterbury Cathedral Online Canterbury Cathedral Online
Kent Resources: Canterbury Cathedral Kent Resources: Canterbury Cathedral – A World Heritage site; detailed views of the cathedral as well as a section called “The Pilgrims Way in Kent” which describes the route the pilgrims would have taken getting to the Cathedral.